Mark your calendars. 25th November - the new album by There Will Be Fireworks.

Locrian - Eternal Return

I’ve only ever been vaguely familiar with noise trio Locrian. Mainly due to them being a 30 limited run CD-Rs a year kinda band that are impossible to keep up with, and they never really impressed me enough to try. This is some Grade-A noise right here though. Somehow they find an amazingly propulsive little melody in among really dense droning synths and monolithic drum patterns, and it’s a perfect counter to those painfully asphyxiated raw vocals. All in all it’s just totally fucking monstrous. I’m off to to check out the album right now.

Oliver Wilde - Perrett’s Brook

Spending a lot of time with this album just now. Beautifully abstract pop music. Full review here.

Mount Eerie - Ancient Questions (Live)

Phil Elverum is releasing a live record later this year. Live at Bloomington was recorded in September 2011 and will be released by XRA Records on July 9th 2013. Here’s the first track available from the session, a quite majestic version of Wind’s Poem track Ancient Questions.

This new Julia Holter track is sublime. 

Julianna Barwick - Forever

Taken from the new album Nepenthe, released August 20th via Dead Oceans.

Sad City - Polymath

The new EP from Glasgow based producer Gary Caruth drops tomorrow, and looks set to build on the amazing promise of 2011’s GesturesThis track suggests a bit of a shift in focus with a far warmer electronic palette than before, even straying towards what you might call house music as the layered synths gradually build upwards in swirling dissonance. Subtle beats and hi-hats clash together as fragmented snippets of dialogue bubble up from underneath and strike it through with a sense of humanity. As with all of his material though, it’s a more visceral experience than that described. The EP You Will Soon Find That Life is Wonderful is available from Phonica Special Editions.

Young Galaxy - Pretty Boy

Some great little tracks on this new collection of previously unreleased stuff by Whistle Peak. Available for a bargain $5 on Bandcamp. This track is an early favourite, has a distinct Liars influence to it which really works. Check them out. 

Sébastien Tellier & Caroline Polachek - In The Crew Of Tea Time

I’m a big fan of this song and video.

Dmitry Evgrafov - Pereehali

The wonderfully talented young Russian composer Dmitry Evgrafov (whose first EP I released through my now defunct netlabel) has released a great new album on Bandcamp this week. Pereehali was recorded during the summer of 2012 when Dmitry briefly re-located from his Moscow base to spend some time in the countryside, and this proximity to nature is evident in the gentle intimacy of these solo piano recordings. Much like the artwork, the movements of the soft unhurried motifs evoke the cycle of the seasons in their understated beauty, gently unfurling to create a sense of timelessness and a captivating collection of recordings. Highly recommended listen for fans of modern classical and solo piano. 

You can stream and name your price purchase here.


The Twilight Sad - Tell Me When We’re Having Fun

I don’t know what I want from The Twilight Sad. Most of the time I think they’re at their best with ear-splitting volume and raw aggression, but then they go and turn out a wonderfully restrained little gem like this and I think it might be amazing for them to go more mellow. This is an outtake from the recording of their last album ‘No One Can Ever Know’ which you can download from their Facebook page

Rustie - Slasherr

Love this new Rustie tune. Taken from new AA single. Order here.