Megafortress is the solo project of one Bill Gillim, who is also a member of Tigercity (whose awesome side-projects are starting to eclipse them, what with Joel Ford teaming up with Daniel ‘Oneohtrix’ Lopatin recently under the GAMES moniker as well). Though it’s certainly not a natural extension of their smooth funk-pop, in fact the artwork for his self-titled EP is perfectly indicative of what it is - monastic. Built primarily around layers of processed vocals there’s certainly a quasi-religious feel to these tracks, with the voices echoing back and forth around a space that can only really be visualised as a cathedral. The vocals fit perfectly with what relatively sparse instrumentation Gillim does employ as well though, it all sounds beautifully degraded and generally unrecognisable, though it seems that he only makes use of some synths, clarinet, flute and a drum machine. In theory the use of long swarming pads and synthetic drums ought really to jar with the chanted vocals but it doesn’t at all, somehow it’s all melded in to what sounds like one coherent noise emanating from a single location. You can download the EP direct below or courtesy of Dracula Horse.